What's cookin' at Q&A's?

We keep it simple over here at Q&A's!

We've got:

  • Homemade beignets. Fried up fresh as you order them with your choice of topping. Keep it traditional with good old powdered sugar, or try something new like the cinnamon powdered sugar or Nutella!
  • Hot or iced chicory & coffee right from the French Market in NOLA! We serve it au-lait but we can adjust the fixin's for you if you ask nicely.

Chicory Coffee & Beignet Bouquet

Ok, so its not really a bouquet per se, but we liked how it sounded more than "combo".  This is a full order of 5 signature beignets and a cup of our hot or iced coffee & chicory blend served "au lait" style - that's fancy talk for "with milk* and sugar*. If you'd prefer your bean water prepped differently, just let us know!


Just Beignets

5 warm and fresh, perfectly puffed beignets. We'll add a generous amount of powdered sugar because the only way to measure the ideal amount is with your heart. 

And while we're talking about measuring with your heart, it's worth noting our beignets are about 2" x 3" before they're cooked. We've had a few people satisfied after just 2 and a few people (ahem, Q) who could down a full order or more! Listen, this is a judgment-free zone so feel free to get carried away. 


Just Chicory Coffee

Order your chicory coffee, hot or iced!

Don't know what chicory is? Nerd out on info by clicking the yellow "chicory" link below!

Our coffee is a New Orleans inspired blend of roasted chicory root and coffee beans.  Since chicory isn’t naturally caffeinated, our coffee blend is like a half-caff on the "how-buzzed-will-this-get-me" meter. We serve our coffee "Cafe au Lait" style. That's mixed with milk* and a bit of sugar* but if you'd prefer your bean water differantly, just let us know !

*organic ingredient


  • Sugar Selections


    POW! - traditional powdered sugar


    BONBON- cinnamon and POW!


    VOODOO - a sweet secret! Is it cherry? Is it marshmellow? Vanilla? You decide.


    MANCATCHERS - POW! and local honey from Tiny Ass Farm

    right here in Batavia!


    THE BEES KNEES - local honey from Tiny Ass Farm.


    ★THE STINGER - beignets dusted with powdered sugar and drizzled with GINDO's Hot Honey!.


    THE SHADOW MAN - warm Nutella drizzle (add $1)


    ★ CHURRO-CABRA (+$1) - beignets rolled in cinnamon sugar drizzled with Nutella

  • Limited Seasonal Toppings - available until they're not!

    ★ June

    • Ciel Lemon - Lemon powdered sugar and fresh honey from Tiny Ass Farm, right here in Batavia!
    • Prism - warm beignets rolled in granulated sugar and topped with edible sparkles! They're FABULOUS!


    July -


    August -

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